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Designing a sustainable future with permaculture principles

permaculture design principles

When the idea of Runamuk first began to form in my mind, I envisioned a future for my family that revolved around living in harmony with the land.  I imagined that we would cultivate, nurture and protect the land, and the land in turn would support and nurture our family for generations to come.  I pictured a farm where the… Read more »

Boundary marking ritual

The day came at last when Keith and I could go out to the old Burns farm to mark out our 50 acres and we were bubbling with enthusiasm and excitement.  We’ve been together since our senior year of high school, some fifteen years–married for nearly thirteen of them–and building this old farm up to its former glory has always… Read more »

Runamuk at the Farm Service Agency

beehive in summer

Now that we have the agreement of Keith’s parents to have a portion of the family’s acreage signed over to us for Runamuk, I’ve been plowing along trying to finalize the details of the arrangement, while also exploring possible avenues for financing.  In order for Runamuk to be a profitable and self-sustaining business we need to make the leap from… Read more »

A Home for Runamuk

I am ecstatic–I am ridiculously exuberant and utterly over-joyed.  We have a home for Runamuk–a place where we will be able to expand our business and our efforts to lead a more self-sustaining life.  A place where we can truly be ourselves. It is the old Burns-family farm-land, just five miles outside of Anson on Rt 158-west.  This is the… Read more »

Good news for next years’ honey

This has been an exciting year for the Runamuk apiary, we were able to expand from two to six hives throughout the summer.  My new-found partnership with Medicine Hill in Starks gave me the chance to increase the number of colonies, and I seized the opportunity with both hands.  And I am pleased to announce that next year we will… Read more »

What really demonizes Monsanto

It was brought to my attention recently that Monsanto is not bad–it’s just a corporation looking to make money.  At the recent MSBA meeting Monsanto affiliate Jerry Hayes spoke about the company’s desire for sustainable agriculture (you can read that post here), but if that is true then there are some seriously misguided people leading that corporate entity.  In my… Read more »

Farm focus

Samantha Burns   October 25, 2012   No Comments on Farm focus

I have been hard at work on Runamuk’s business plan this last week.  My attention is focused almost solely on next year’s big move.  Even when I am busy with other tasks, at the back of my mind there is the farm.  We have to move next year.

A successful season

Oh sweet writing–how I’ve missed thee! With the onslaught of late-spring and summer, I have not had time for writing–not to mention sitting. When I decided to pursue the CSA I had no idea how much I would miss writing. I’ve always felt that I express myself best through writing, though my linguistic skills have improved. With all of the… Read more »

Managing beetles in the organic garden

beetle control

If you miss the chance to take preventative action, such as in applying neem oil to the leaves and stems of your tomato plants–all in not lost.  In the organic garden, keeping up with the pests who would make a meal of your crops is a never-ending chore.  I go to great lengths to avoid having to cause harm to… Read more »

First week of CSA is successful

Week One of the Runamuk CSA went off–not quite without a hitch–but successfully anyway. A lot of my spinach was still too small for picking, and the arugula never really amounted to any size.  I conferred with a gardener friend of mine who suggested that arugula might perform better in the fall; so we will plant it again late in… Read more »

Growin’ Good

Things are growing good here at the Runamuk micro-farm and the spring garden is well on it’s way. Our first delivery of “super-loam” from Lynch Landscaping in Skowhegan, Maine arrived Monday evening and I was so happy I could have rolled around in that beautiful stuff!  And wouldn’t you know it–the man who delivered the soil was one of my… Read more »

Seed-potato pick up in Newport

I received an email postcard from The Maine Potato Lady the other day informing me that my seed-potato order was ready for pick up at their warehouse. So yesterday I loaded the two boys in the car with provisions, and drove nearly an hour over to Newport (no small feat with my boys) to pick them up. With our small… Read more »

Why Runamuk Acres?

Runamuk Profile Pic

I’ve had a number of people ask me about my choice in name for our farm-business. It always makes me laugh at myself to have to explain the reasons behind the Runamuk logo.  First, there are my kids.  Some people would say “They can’t be that bad!”  And they’re right–my boys are not bad at all.  But they are high-spirited… Read more »

CSA Underway

onion seedlings

Spring is here and things are getting underway here at Runamuk Acres in Anson, Maine!  With all this sun and heat, the snow is gone from the backyard and the ground is drying up; I should be able to start cleaning up the upper garden soon–and what a mess it is!  Last fall when the growing season what coming to… Read more »

Runamuk with CSA

csa carrots

After much deliberation, I’ve decided to go ahead with my plans for Runamuk Acres. No–no chickens yet, but I am starting up a CSA program to provide fresh produce to the people of the Anson/Madison area. I have such a hard time buying produce at the grocery store now that I know so much about how that produce is grown… Read more »

Moving forward into sustainability regardless of home-ownership

Since we found out that we won’t be able to proceed right away in buying a house of our own, I’ve felt a bit lost. How could I be a homesteader without my own home?  How could I move forward with my plans and dreams? But after much soul searching I’ve come to the conclusion that a homestead is not… Read more »

Wildlife in the backyard

maine moose

A large part of our plan for the Runamuk farm revolve around wildlife.  In our home we love to watch the wildlife in our backyard: birds, bats, squirrels, butterflies and other insects–and so we garden with animals in mind.  After we’ve moved into our new home, I’m looking forward to increasing our efforts to invite nature to share our space. … Read more »