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Maine beekeepers converge on Portland

tony jadczak

I was downright giddy as I left the house just as the sun was coming up Saturday morning. The only vehicles on the road seemed to belong to men dressed in hunter orange, and I imagine that my excitement at going to my first-ever beekeeper’s conference surpassed their’s at a prospective day of hunting. It took me two hours to… Read more »

How to store garden produce for the winter

Garden Harvest_FI

All summer you’ve been enjoying the bounty of your garden, but now there’s a chill in the air and it’s time to harvest the rest of your home-grown vegetables.  But how to store it all for use during the winter? Gardening is returning in popularity as more and more people strive to practice sustainable lifestyles, but much of the knowledge… Read more »

Avoiding cabin fever in Maine

The snows and cold used to come a lot earlier to Maine thirty and fifty years ago, but now, in this time of increased climate change, winter doesn’t seem to really get underway until January and February. I remember my mother’s stories of snow that reached the second-story window, and how she and her brothers would slide right down off… Read more »