Welcome to Runamuk Acres!

The mission of the Runamuk Acres Conservation Farm is to protect wildlife through
the conservation of pollinators and their habitats, to provide an ecological
and financial benefit to the entire ecosystem and the people that depend on it

runamuk apiary

Runamuk Acres is a certified bee-friendly conservation farm and apiary located at the foot of the Bigelow Mountain Range in western Maine. We produce raw honey, beeswax products and northern-raised honeybee stock, along with uncertified-organic eggs, vegetables, and bee-friendly seedlings. 

At Runamuk, we employ methods of regenerative agriculture and bee-friendly farming that promote the well-being of pollinators, and other beneficial insects, as a keystone species. We do not use chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. We use practices such as no-till, cover cropping, composting, companion planting, and rotational grazing of our chickens and sheep in order to cultivate the health of our soil and it’s microbial life.

Come tour our pollinator demonstration gardens, enjoy birdwatching or bugwatching, visit our friendly sheep and chickens, observe the honeybees coming and going from the apiary, or simply enjoy the view of Mt Abram while you picnic.

Visit the Runamuk Acres Conservation Farm today
to learn more about pollinators and bee-friendly farming!