Welcome to the Runamuk Acres Conservation Farm

Runamuk Acres is a diversified farm producing mixed vegetables, fresh eggs, raw honey, beeswax products, baked goods, and pastured lamb. Located at the foot of the western Maine mountains, Runamuk is certified bee-friendly with the Pollinator Partnership, and designated as conservation land with the USDA. Our goal is to promote agricultural and environmental education through various on-farm events, workshops, and farmstay experiences.

By employing methods of regenerative agriculture and bee-friendly farming, Runamuk is able to promote the well-being of pollinators, soil microbial life, and other beneficial insects on our farm. Conservation of these keystone species allows for the development of a more sustainable agricultural ecosystem that coexists in harmony with its larger ecosystem and ecoregion.

Visit the Runamuk Acres Conservation Farm today to learn more about pollinators and bee-friendly farming!