20% of Plant Species Face Extinction

20% of Plant Species Face Extinction

Mainly because of population sprawl and habitat loss, scientists say that roughly twenty-percent of the Earth’s plant population is under threat.  This article from DiscoveryNews talks about those threats facing plant species.  In fact, in a recent study which classified some 4000 species, 22 percent were classed as threatened.  This is a scary thought, since the effects of the loss of plant-life on Earth would be catestrophic.

Yet a separate study determined that the extinction of mammals has been over-estimated, and the article goes on to state that some animals that had previously been classified as extinct are being re-discovered in select locations.

As a citizen scientist, and an eco-enthusiast, I like to stay informed.  It’s a good idea to stay abreast of the continuing developments of this ever-changing world.

20 Percent of Plant Species Face Extinction

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