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Sharing My Garden Enthusiasm

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Summer is nearly upon us, and I am in full garden-mode right now.  My mind obsesses over the garden and its many facets.  I’d spend every waking minute in the garden–if only my body didn’t protest so! I have ten garden beds–six raised beds in the main garden nearest the house, and four beds on the lower section of our… Read more »

Seasonal Science

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Spring has come to our neck of Maine, and with has come the annual fidgets.  The children are sick of doing regular lessons, and we are all ready to spend some time outside.  As homeschoolers its okay for us to ease up off the daily grind, and focus our attention on other things for a time, and so we’re taking… Read more »

Preparing for the Arrival of Our Bee Colony

For those of you who don’t already know–I’m an avid gardener.  I garden using the biointensive method, companion planting, and other organic methods.  This year I am excited to be adding my first backyard beehive to my organic garden methods.  I’ve been reading: The Hive and the Honey Bee; and I’m working on a new  a unit study at Squidoo,… Read more »

Climbing Bald Mountain in Rangeley

As an early Mother’s Day gift, my husband arranged to take me out–without kids–to do whatever I wanted.  I chose to climb Bald Mountain in Rangeley. It’s a pleasant drive on Route 4 from Farmington, through Strong, Phillips, and Madrid, along the Rangeley Lakes Scenic Byways, to get to Rangeley.  Click here to view a map or get directions for… Read more »

We Love TinTin! and Comic Books

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It all started when Winter went out with Grammy one afternoon to the thrift store in Skowhegan.  He came back with a few little trinkets they’d found together, including a paperback copy of The Adventures of TinTin in America. As a fan of quality classic literature like The Trumpet of the Swan and Moby Dick, I never really got into… Read more »