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The Science of Winter

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Now that the first day of winter is just around the corner, I have found myself standing at my picture window gazing longingly outside and wondering what I can do to encourage participation with nature despite the cold.  And how can I stimulate inquiry into the science of winter?  What are the sciences of winter anyway?! There were the obvious… Read more »

How to Teach Science Every Day

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Why is it that science intimidates us?  I’ve heard it more than once–I even used to feel that way!  That science was just too hard to teach, since I really didn’t understand it myself.  Science is so all-encompassing, and so critically important–as homeschoolers it’s daunting to think about teaching our children any part of it, especially when most of us… Read more »

Putting the Garden to Bed

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It’s mid-November and I’m feeling an increased sense of urgency to finish my winter preparations.  So after nearly a week of rain and drizzle, wind and cold, I’ve enjoyed this weekend’s golden autumn sunshine and the opportunity to work outside. I’ve been focused on tucking my gardens in for their long sleep, this means doing some garden “housework”–pulling withered and… Read more »

Great Migrations on National Geographic Television

As the Scientific Homeschool we love our science channels. We watch Mythbusters, How It’s Made, Planet Earth, Destroyed in Seconds (is that really science? or just the male desire for destruction?), Dirty Jobs, Bugging Out, Head Rush, Meteorite Men, Through the Wormhole, even “Punkin Chunkin” and more.  I even consider watching “Phineas and Ferb” on the Disney channel fair learning… Read more »

Darwin’s Darkest Hour

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I’ve been looking forward to watching this particular film for a long time, unfortunately in our area there’s not much in the way of video rentals, so we wait for movies and documentaries to be available to us online.  Finally today, I found Darwin’s Darkest Hour at the NOVA website.  Written by the Brittish screenwriter, John Goldsmith, and directed by… Read more »