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Winter Family Fun Day at Mount Blue State Park

Maine is fortunate to have a bounty of state parks and public reserved lands. We also have a number of organizations whose only goal is to get the people of Maine outside to enjoy and appreciate this great state and it’s natural wonders. On Saturday, January 29th from 10-3 families can participate in the Mt Blue Winter Family Fun Day… Read more »

Successful first-ever meeting of Somerset beekeepers

  It was originally scheduled to meet last Wednesday night, the 12th of January, but because of a messy Nor’easter last week I had to postpone the first meeting of Somerset Beekeepers to Monday, the 17th. So Monday night we all gathered at the Somerset County University of Maine Cooperative Extension in Skowhegan to establish the newest chapter of the… Read more »

Best field trips to teach science

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Field trips with a focus on science are a great way for your family to learn more about science in real life. Providing examples of professionals utilizing the tools and processes of science can lead your own children to pursue careers in science, technology, and industry, for which our nation has a growing need. When planning your field trip it… Read more »

What Exactly is Citizen Science?

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I’ve mentioned it a couple of times in some of my posts, participating in a citizen science program at-home.  I also wrote about central Maine’s lack-of citizen science and environmental activism programs.  I even started a new blog recently, called Green in Central Maine–hoping to create more opportunity for citizen science where I live. But what exactly is citizen science? … Read more »

Science for Preschoolers

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Establishing an atmosphere of science-inquiry even when your children are small, will set the foundation for a scientific lifestyle that encourages your family to explore their curiosities and learn more about the science of the world around them. Most young children are naturally curious and inclined to exploration.  The traditional school system cannot encourage this inquisitive nature, and typically children… Read more »

Age is No Limit in Big Scientific Discoveries

This is amazing. Just two days ago, on January 2, this 10-year old Kathryn Gray in Canada was using a computer program that compares new and old images of the same portion of the night sky when she located a previously undiscovered supernova.  She is now the youngest discoverer of a supernova, proving that age isn’t an obstacle to practicing… Read more »

Exploring Winter Through Play

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The boys have been spending time outside almost every day learning about winter first-hand. Summer received a shiny new sled for the holiday from Papa, and could scarcely wait to get home to try it out. I like watching them from my front room picture-window; they can practically sled right out the back door and down the slope of our… Read more »

Up Close and Personal With Bugs

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As someone who values insects in my garden, I can personally testify to the stunning beauty of insects. This slide-show from Planet Green will show you that once you get past all those legs, insects are not only beneficial, but gorgeous as well. Check it out! Insects: Up Close and Really, Really Personal