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When disaster strikes

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Disaster struck Runamuk yesterday. There had been a hard frost Saturday night.  When I went out Sunday morning to check on my tomato and pepper seedlings in the second grow house, every muscle in my body turned to jell-o, and I began to tingle all over. All of those precious seedlings were damaged by the frost. Limp, wet leaves and… Read more »

Seed-potato pick up in Newport

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I received an email postcard from The Maine Potato Lady the other day informing me that my seed-potato order was ready for pick up at their warehouse. So yesterday I loaded the two boys in the car with provisions, and drove nearly an hour over to Newport (no small feat with my boys) to pick them up. With our small… Read more »

Why Runamuk Acres?

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I’ve had a number of people ask me about my choice in name for our farm-business. It always makes me laugh at myself to have to explain the reasons behind the Runamuk logo.  First, there are my kids.  Some people would say “They can’t be that bad!”  And they’re right–my boys are not bad at all.  But they are high-spirited… Read more »


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As spring progresses, things are moving right along here at Runamuk.  It is something of a relief to finally be putting to work all of the plans I’d laid over the course of the winter.  And, of course, spring draws out the urge to be productive, to plant and grow and nourish, and those urges have filled me up to… Read more »

Micro-farming in Anson

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Runamuk is set up on a single acre right in-town in Anson.  Living in a rural location, close to our neighbors and with all the amenities of town-living, one might not expect to find a farm.  But that’s what makes Runamuk different from other farms in the area.