Runamuk Acres Conservation Farm

About Us

Welcome to the Runamuk Acres Conservation Farm!

Located at the foot of the Bigelow Mountain Range in western, Maine, Runamuk Acres is a 53-acre working farm and apiary, dedicated to the conservation of wildlife through agriculture. Stewarded by Sam(antha) Burns with help from her two teenaged sons, Runamuk produces raw honey, beeswax products and northern-raised honeybee stock, along with farm-fresh uncertified-organic eggs, vegetables, and bee-friendly seedlings.

Runamuk’s mission is:

to protect wildlife through the conservation of pollinators and their habitats, to provide an ecological and financial benefit to the entire ecosystem and the people that depend on it.

By employing methods of regenerative agriculture and bee-friendly farming that promote the well-being of pollinators as a keystone species, Runamuk demonstrates that we are able to provide a benefit to the farm’s entire ecosystem, as well as it’s farmer. 

Furthermore, Runamuk is dedicated to sharing the knowledge and teaching the skills we’ve learned─so that others might follow our lead. That’s why we’ve established Runamuk as a conservation and demonstration farm, where people can gain new inspirations, learn these skills and take our lessons home to implement these techniques in their own lives.

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