About Us

Welcome to Runamuk Acres!

runamuk apiaryLocated in central Maine, Runamuk Acres is a diversified farm and apiary currently producing raw honey and beeswax products, fresh eggs, and organic vegetables. Initially owned and operated by Samantha Burns, Runamuk has been developing and growing since 2011, beginning as a “micro-farm” on an acre of leased land in Anson, with a large market-garden and outlying apiaries in Starks.

Despite the trials and tribulations of being a landless farmer, Samantha has managed to grow her operation year after year and is currently in the process of expanding the Runamuk Apiary to offer overwintered nucleus colonies and Maine-raised Queens, along with lots more honey!

The Runamuk blog and website is a source of trusted information about beekeeping, sustainable living, and bee-friendly practices. Samantha writes science-based articles to inspire and inform, and shares her journey as a female farmer working to establish her own farm and apiary in Maine.

A love for nature and a desire to preserve the landscape for future generations is the heart of Runamuk. The farm practices agricultural conservation for the health of honeybees, native pollinators and other beneficial insects. Because pollinators are a keystone species, by focusing on their conservation Runamuk is able to provide a benefit to the entire ecosystem. That’s why Runamuk’s mission is to practice “Bee-friendly farming for a more sustainable tomorrow”.

Currently Runamuk serves Madison-Anson and surrounding communities as well as the potential global market available via the world-wide web.

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