Advertise with Runamuk and sponsor beginning farmers!

Advertise with Runamuk and sponsor beginning farmers!

your ad here buttonRunamuk invites local and green businesses to advertise with us on this blog-site.

This site showcases Runamuk’s agricultural business with info about our farm, gardens, apiary, and beeswax products.  But it also focuses on sustainable living, organic farming and gardening, pollinator and wildlife conservation, beekeeping, even homeschooling and the communities of central Maine.  Therefore we attract a wide variety of readers with our how-to and do-it-yourself articles, articles that teach and inspire.  We have many locals who avidly follow our efforts to expand our farm, so we also post frequently about our farm’s growth and progress.  On occasion we even write about other local businesses that we love and support with our own patronage.

By chosing to sponsor Runamuk we will upload your business logo to this blog-site’s sidebar for our readers to see.  With your advertisement on this site you will increase awareness of your brand and product/service, with the potential to attract new customers.

Furthermore, because we only support local and/or green businesses, having your advertisement here at Runamuk lends you credibility in the eyes of our readership–akin to a Runamuk “seal of approval”.  Because of our own efforts at sustainable living, Runamuk has become known as a reliable source of guidance for those seeking to learn and live this lifestyle for themselves.

We also offer our sponsors the opportunity to work with us to promote their business and products here on the site by allowing Runamuk to do a write-up of your business to introduce it to our readers.  Runamuk can write a review of your product or service, host promotional give-aways, or even post about promotional events you may have coming up on our website and on our social networks.

For Runamuk, sponsorship means that we will be able to continue to do the work we are doing–teaching people about sustainable living through our website.  We will be able to invest in our farm, support existing systems and expand into new endeavors.  But most importantly, the support generated here will help fund our family’s work in pollinator and wildlife conservation.

If you are interested in learning more about the possibility of sponsoring Runamuk and advertising on this site please check out our sponsorship page by clicking here to learn more about what we offer and our rates for various packages.

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