Announcing our new blog-sponsor!

Announcing our new blog-sponsor!

I’ve been working on this project for quite some time, and at long last I am able to share this great news with you─Johnny’s Selected Seeds has signed on as a blog-sponsor with Runamuk Acres!

If you’re a follower of the Runamuk blog you’re likely aware of the fact that I’m a beekeeper working to build my apiary into a viable business here in central Maine. I want to support myself and my family through the production of raw honey, over-wintered nucleus colonies and Maine-raised mite-resistant Queens, along with a diverse array of supporting enterprises to create a diversified farm. You probably know that I’m something of an environmentalist and that I advocate for pollinator conservation where and whenever I can. And by chance you know that I work part-time off my farm at Johnny’s Selected Seeds.

There I am on the left at the Madison Farmers’ Market with fellow vendor, Maria Reynolds of Yellow Place Bakehouse.

However, you may not realize how dedicated I am to supporting my local community.
My family moved around a lot while I was growing up, but I have lived in this part of Maine all my life. Since 2011 I have volunteered in the communities of central Maine. I served 6 years as president of the Somerset Beekeepers, and so far I’ve served 4 years as the market manager for the Madison Farmers’ Market. It was hugely important to me, in my search for land to farm on, that I still be close to my hometowns of Anson and Madison, so that I could continue working for this region.

That’s why when I began thinking about working with sponsors for the Runamuk blog I knew I wanted to promote businesses close to home. But not just any business; I want to put the spotlight on “green” businesses. Businesses that are using environmentally-friendly methods, and who are helping people to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Local Maine companies who’s products and services are well crafted and high quality. The kind of businesses who are driven by people like me─who are giving it their all, doing the best they can day after day to make some kind of a difference in the world. Those are the kinds of businesses I can get behind, and the only kind that I would feel comfortable vouching for.

That’s the kind of company I’ve found at Johnny’s Selected Seeds.

I’ve been working in the Call Center at Johnny’s since January 4th, 2015, with the exception of a few months last fall when I was working at North Star Orchards packing apples. All summer I’ve worked at Johnny’s part-time while still working my own farm and the Runamuk apiary, as well as managing the Madison Farmers’ Market. Johnny’s has been great to me, working with me on my scheduling needs, even when I needed a few days off during the #greatfarmmove, with friends and colleagues there to help me up when life knocks me down. I’ve gotten to know the company and it’s employees fairly well so it was only natural to approach Johnny’s first as I seek to expand my reach.

For those who are new to the blog you can read more about my experience coming to work at Johnny’s Selected Seeds here.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds’ company mission is: helping families, friends, and communities to feed one another by providing superior seeds, tools, information, and service.

They’re helping people grow food. They really do provide superior products, and they truly want to see their customers succeed. That’s why their catalogs are chalk-full of useful information, why their website hosts a “Grower’s Library” with invaluable videos and calculating-tools; and that’s also why the company employs people like me─so that when a customer calls with a question they’re getting honest advice from farmers and gardeners who have been doing it all their lives.

In this article recently published at Longitudes─the UPS’ blog about global business trends─David Melhorn (Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Johnny’s Selected Seeds) is talking about Johnny’s commitment to customer and employee education, how it has fostered loyalty and the longevity of the company. In the article Dave says:

What makes us unique? It’s not just our product. It’s the information we provide…. We don’t have a gimmicky customer loyalty program. We have a higher quality seed that performs as advertised – and experts who know what they’re talking about.

That’s what it’s all about. Quality products and outstanding customer service.

And that’s why I’m proud to align Runamuk with Johnny’s. Be sure to show them some love, click on the Johnny’s button now located in the sidebar to explore their site, see what’s on sale, or watch a video in their Grower’s Library. And when you call for a catalog or to place an order be sure to tell them Runamuk sent you!

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