Bees Rock! Giveaway Event

Bees Rock! Giveaway Event

beesrock giveawayIt wasn’t long after I got into beekeeping that I began to see pollinators everywhere…the insects that carried out this seemingly sacred ritual with the plants all around me–even the act itself–became the most beautiful and fascinating thing I had ever seen.  And it remains so to this day.

The act of pollination fills me with awe.  To think that plants have adapted over millions of years to attract these animals to them, makes me feel insignificant in the scope of the history of our planet.  When I see the tiniest of native bees busily collecting nectar and pollen–the free meal that flowers offer in exchange for the dispersal of their reproductive seed to other flowers–I realize how unimportant my life, and the problems in my life, really are compared to the broader scope of our planet.

And that is why I do what I do–it compels me–almost as though I cannot resist it.  It is the driving force behind everything that Runamuk is–this irresistible urge to watch pollination in action–to protect it, to save it, to teach others that insects are not icky or scary at all.  That–in fact–many of them are some of the most beautiful creatures on this planet, and they should be tolerated, appreciated even.

That is why we are working to create an integrated pollinator conservation and sustainable living center here at Runamuk.  We are crowdfunding right now to generate funds for the first phase of our mission to create this incredible destination here in central Maine.  You can read more about what compels us to undertake this monumental task by clicking here.  And read more about exactly how we plan to do it, by going to this post.

Please take a moment to–leave us a comment on our campaign page, share our campaign with your friends, and if you can–donate to our cause!

bee-friendly seed mixTo celebrate pollinators we have a 3-part series on how you can promote pollinators on your farm going live this week, and we’re also offering 5 lucky people the chance to win this bee-friendly gardening kit–including a package of Bee-Friendly Wildflower Seed Mix created by Peter Cowin–Maine’s own Bee-Whisperer.  Peter, like us at Runamuk, is working to promote pollinator conservation, to teach the public not to be afraid, that these insects do in fact have a great deal to offer us.

Along with the seed packets, Angie Schneider from Schneider’s Peeps is offering a free downloadable copy of her eBook “The Gardening Notebook” to each winner.

So enter today to win–and stay tuned for the first post in our Bees Rock! series!

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