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Gearing up for the celebration of the Winter Solstice at Runamuk

As it is for many families, the holiday season is a fun time here at Runamuk.  While we don’t celebrate Christmas (check out this post here for more info on that!) we still do many of the same holiday traditions that most families enjoy at this time of the year. We’ve been busy attending the local holiday parade to see… Read more »

A long road

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I went out to “Ye Olde Burns Farm” on Sunday to get these photos to share with you.  Even after five years in-town, it still feels like going home when I drive out there.  The drive up the hillside always fills me with anticipation, all the trees seem to be reaching out their limbs to embrace me and the breeze… Read more »

A Home for Runamuk

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I am ecstatic–I am ridiculously exuberant and utterly over-joyed.  We have a home for Runamuk–a place where we will be able to expand our business and our efforts to lead a more self-sustaining life.  A place where we can truly be ourselves. It is the old Burns-family farm-land, just five miles outside of Anson on Rt 158-west.  This is the… Read more »

GMOs, Let’s review

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A recap of the health issues with GMOs: Previous posts in the GMO series: What’s the problem with GMOs?, How GM-foods affect the body, Let me decide, Old Mansanto had a farm, 10 tips on how to avoid GMOs. Next post: What really demonizes Monsanto

10 tips on how to avoid GMOs

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grass-fed meat

With genetically modified ingredients in just about everything processed, it can be a daunting challenge to avoid them when you go to the grocery store.  It’s startling when you begin to realize how pervasive GM-ingredients are–it seems like they are in all of the things you love and have been eating for years!  But with a little dedication and your… Read more »

Hanging on to the dream

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For some, town life is fine; living close to others is not a problem, even welcome in some cases. Many folks have no trouble buying their groceries at the local supermarket, or paying others to do for them what they could certainly do with some effort and sweat. But for others, the desire to own land, to live off their… Read more »

Making your own breads

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There’s nothing quite like homemade bread still warm from the oven.  A fresh slice slathered in butter is a treat that can’t be beat.  Even after three years baking my own bread my family can scarcely wait for the loaves to cool enough before cutting into them. Making your own bread is a rewarding experience.  Not only will you be… Read more »


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My boys are happy to be able to stay home, and I am more than happy to oblige. We’ve been discussing what they’d like to learn more about this year, things that we all need to work on to improve ourselves, and fun, new things we’d like to try. That’s how we do things here–we explore things that fascinate us,… Read more »

Homeschooling Adventures

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On Friday I loaded my boys into the Runamuk-truck and we ventured over to New Sharon for some goat manure.  Two older women manage the 80-something goats and their farm, and for $10 will use their tractor to load your truck with manure. The boys had a blast petting the goats while we waited–the tractor needed a boost to get… Read more »