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Porcupine on the farm

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problems with porcupine on the homestead

We have a bit of a problem on our farm. A porcupine problem–to be specific. With an overabundant population they’re devastating the trees of our forest and repeatedly coming into contact with our dogs. But what can you do about porcupine problems on your homestead or farm? Disclaimer: This post contains images that may be too graphic for some readers,… Read more »

Best field trips to teach science

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Field trips with a focus on science are a great way for your family to learn more about science in real life. Providing examples of professionals utilizing the tools and processes of science can lead your own children to pursue careers in science, technology, and industry, for which our nation has a growing need. When planning your field trip it… Read more »

How to Teach Science Every Day

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Why is it that science intimidates us?  I’ve heard it more than once–I even used to feel that way!  That science was just too hard to teach, since I really didn’t understand it myself.  Science is so all-encompassing, and so critically important–as homeschoolers it’s daunting to think about teaching our children any part of it, especially when most of us… Read more »

Child-Led Inquiry or Unschooling

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It’s been a long time coming, I think, but our family is finally taking the plunge into unschooling.  Unschooling is also referred to as child-led or interest-led learning.  Basically it is a way of viewing the learning in everything so that you see the educational value of it all.  Let’s face it, learning can happen anytime, anyplace, if only you… Read more »

We Love TinTin! and Comic Books

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It all started when Winter went out with Grammy one afternoon to the thrift store in Skowhegan.  He came back with a few little trinkets they’d found together, including a paperback copy of The Adventures of TinTin in America. As a fan of quality classic literature like The Trumpet of the Swan and Moby Dick, I never really got into… Read more »