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The Runamuk blog was established in 2010, but I was blogging as The Scientific Homeschooler and creating science-based unit studies for secular homeschoolers for several years before that. Before becoming the mother of 2 rowdy boys I wrote for a small local paper called The Irregular, and just last year I served as the editor for The Bee-Line, the bi-monthly publication of the Maine State Beekeepers’ Association. In addition to my blogging pursuits I’ve written a myriad of articles published both online and through local publications.

blog-with-integrityI have always maintained what I believe is a high ethical standard of journalistic conduct when it comes to my writing. I  believe in the concept of “on the record” “off the record”, in backing up opinions where possible, quoting people carefully and completely, and especially in using science and experience to validate my work. I also believe in honesty and transparency, and run my blog much as I do my farm─that is, I’m pretty much an open book.

Just as we strive to meet State and Federal regulations in other areas of our farm, so too with the blog. In accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising” and because I want to be up front about what we do here, please keep the following in mind regarding the Runamuk site:

Affiliates & Advertising

This blog is not primarily financially driven; I started this blog to share my journey along a path towards increased self-sufficiency, to share the story of one woman’s desire to earn a living from farming, and to teach others how they might do the same. However in order to pay the costs associated with maintaining a blog, and to further diversify my farm and supplement my income, I have begun accepting sponsors to the Runamuk website. Within the articles on this site and in the sidebar, you will find occasional affiliate links and paid advertisements. If you click on affiliate links and purchase an item I may receive a small commission from that sale, at no further cost to you.

More often than not though, the links I’m including in my posts or articles make me no money at all and take time to track down or to keep track of when I’m researching my articles. They’re either references to previous posts or articles I’ve written on the topic, or they’re a reference to another source of information on the topic. That source might be another blogger I trust, or a credible source from within the scientific community and those kinds of links are provided both to back up my position and to offer the reader further reading on the topic.

You may find affiliate links included in some of my posts. Sometimes I receive payment for advertising that helps me pay for my blogging-addiction, and allows me to continue to offer high-quality content to you, the reader. Occasionally I might even receive products in exchange for a review, giveaway post, tweet or facebook shout-out, but I always reserve the right to maintain my own opinions.

Product Reviews & Giveaways

I write a lot about beekeeping, about sustainable living, homesteading and farming, gardening, local food, and pollinator conservation. Occasionally I do product reviews on my site. Usually these are tools, products, or services I use myself, and have paid for myself. I actually prefer to do my reviews that way because then I don’t have to feel bad for having to write a bad review if the product sucks. And I refuse to lie about a bad product. Nor do I want to feel obligated to schmooze for another company. Any views or opinions on this site are my own, and are always honest.

However as a blogger I do have an audience (thanks for reading!) and sometimes I might receive free stuff to try out in exchange for a review. If that’s the case I’ll always tell you I got free stuff when I review it. I’ll link to the company in the post, and then I will give my honest opinion of my experience with that product. If it makes sense to do so, when I’ve finished with it I’ll host a give-away so that one of my readers can benefit from the association and try that product for themselves.


I’d also like to take this opportunity to point out that I am NOT a doctor, veterinarian, chef, etc. Any statements or opinions made on this blog have NOT been evaluated by the FDA. Any opinions or products mentioned are not intended to diagnose, prevent, cure or treat any disease. It is the readers’ responsibility to perform due diligence and complete appropriate research before the use of any and all information or opinions given on this site, and even then the individual assumes all liability for the risks involved in said actions. The blog owner, myself, takes absolutely no responsibility for how this information is used or viewed.

Privacy Policy

At Runamuk, we understand privacy completely. When you submit your email address to be included in our newsletter list that’s ALL we use it for. We will never sell, rent or lease any of your information knowingly. We take pride in knowing that you trust us with your information and would never use it in an unworthy manner. 

If you have any questions about this site please contact Samantha Burns at:

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