Runamuk Acres Conservation Farm


At the Runamuk Acres Conservation Farm, we’re promoting the well-being of pollinators, soil microbial life, and other beneficial insects on our farm by employing methods of regenerative agriculture and bee-friendly farming. Conservation of these keystone species allows for the development of a more sustainable agricultural ecosystem that coexists in harmony with its larger ecosystem and ecoregion. Friends of Runamuk can help us grow and achieve our mission in a variety of ways.


Able bodied volunteers are always welcome at the farm. We never say no to an offer of free help, and we always reward such generosity with goods, produce, or a credit with the farm.

If you are interested in volunteering your time and energy to Runamuk, check out our Events page to see when our next Work Party is scheduled for. OR, contact the farm to make alternative arrangements for a day/time that works for you!

Barter or Donate STUFF

If you have “stuff” you’re not using anymore, stuff you’re thinking about donating to the thrift store or taking to the transfer station, consider donating it to Runamuk instead. Or perhaps consider bartering with the farm for equal value reimbursement, this way we can help each other. Check out the list below to see what we might be looking for.

Wish List

  • Manure & compostable materials
  • Birdfeeders
  • Perennial flowers & herbs
  • High-Tunnel or Solviva-style greenhouse─for year-round veggie production
  • 4 Wheeler─to make our maple-grove on the Back 40 accessible for maple sugaring
  • Seeder
  • 5 Gallon Buckets
  • Commercial Cooler
  • Dresser or Chest of drawers
  • Small to medium sized table with chairs for guest room
  • Chest freezer
  • Assistance with vet fees─for spaying of Beebe the Brave
  • Solar Panels─we need to take the farm off-grid!
  • Lumber (always in need)
  • Mid-Range to High-Quality Camera
  • Trail Cams─for monitoring wildlife on the Back 40
  • Fencing materials─all sorts
  • Fire ring─for establishing 2nd campsite
  • Paint/Porch & Floor Paint─for myriad projects
  • Patio lights─for our outdoor space and on-farm events
  • Cedar fence posts
  • Help with roof repairs
  • Bicycles

Monetary Donation

You can also help just by making a donation. Buy us a bag of chicken feed, a tank of gas to make our deliveries with, or help us investment in equipment, amendments, plants, seeds, or any of the items on our Wish List. Any amount greases the wheels here, and keeps this scrappy farm working toward achieving its mission: wildlife conservation through methods of regenerative agriculture.

Use this PayPal button to donate funds to our cause and help us grow.

Thank you for your kindness and consideration! Most of all, thank you for following along with the journey of this female-farmer! It is truly my privilege to be able to live this life, serve my family and community, all while protecting wildlife through agricultural conservation. Much love to you and yours!

Runamuk Acres Conservation Farm