Every farm needs a tractor

Every farm needs a tractor

This old 1950s Farmall tractor was donated to our farm–it took us a while to find someone to help us move it to the farm, but last Sunday it finally arrived!

tractor arrives
Stewart Pritchard was so generous as to go all the way to Vassalboro to haul the tractor back to Anson for us!

The tractor came with a number of attachments–including a plow, which I am ecstatic to say will help us keep our 200-yard driveway clear this winter (and also means I won’t be shoveling the whole thing! yay!!!).

unloading the tractor
Keith drives the tractor off the trailer.

The tractor had belonged to my aunt’s 93 year-old father-in-law, who’s had the thing for years just sitting in a garage at his place over in Vassalboro–which is nearly an hours’ drive from the farm. To even get the machine running so that it could be loaded and moved, Keith has made several trips over there to work on the engine.

every farm needs a tractor
Here she is with the plow attached, sitting at the upper end of the driveway, ready and waiting for the snow!

I am so grateful such generosity–every farm needs a tractor, and this is going to be a huge asset for Runamuk.


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