Family Farm Day with the Madison Farmers’ Market

Family Farm Day with the Madison Farmers’ Market

I’ve been hard at work on this, and it’s taken a bit of finagling since it’s all happening rather last minute, but I am now confident in announcing the Grand Opening Event for the new Madison Farmers’ Market!

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With a family-farm theme we will kick off the start of our 2013 market season with a bang.  I’m so thrilled–so proud of our farmers and our support staff for stepping up to make this happen.  The town of Madison has provided a portion of the funds we needed for the event, and we’ve had generous financial support from businesses and members of the community.  This grand opening is going to be a lot of fun!

Just picture: outdoor booths brimming with lush vegetables, picked just hours before, golden honey sitting in the sunshine, domestic livestock (it is a farm theme afterall!) milling and bleating nearby–the smell of hay and manure hanging in the air (hey–I like that smell, don’t you?), children laughing and folks interacting–I know it’s going to make a big impression.

And that’s exactly what I’m going for.  I want the people of Anson and Madison to see this event as the start of something really good.  I want them to get in the habit of leaving their homes to come to the market on Sunday.  I want the community to start thinking about where their food is coming from and what they’re putting in their bodies.  I want to foster community relations–people don’t really know their neighbors anymore–and if I can make a difference in my community by pursuing this small, but bright little farmers’ market–then it’s the least I can do.

We’re still taking vendors, by-the-way.  We have four vendors including Beaver Tree Farm from Lexington, Country Cupboard from Norridgewock, and Hilton Stock Farm from Starks.  One of these farms also sells fresh eggs.  Of course Runamuk will be there with our honey and beeswax products, and the honeybee observation hive from the Somerset Beekeepers will be set up in my booth.  But there’s still plenty of room for other vendors.

I know it’s going to make a big impact on the community–and that’s the point.  Hopefully they will remember us and come see us on a regular basis.  This could be the start of something grand.

Stay tuned folks!

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