FAQs About Runamuk’s CSA

FAQs About Runamuk’s CSA

There are a number of frequently asked questions about Runamuk’s CSA program, which this farmer is always fielding. With our membership drive currently underway, I’ve assembled them here for your review. Deadline for enrollment in our 2023 CSA is March 31. Members wanted.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, is a relationship between community members and our small farm. Members commit to a whole season, allowing the farmer to offset early season costs such as seeds, amendments, etc. In exchange members receive an abundance and variety of nutritious vegetables over the course of the growing season, along with certain member-perks.

How does it work?

Runamuk’s CSA program is an easy four-step process!
Step 1: Invest in our farm with an upfront payment.
Step 2: Then, watch for our weekly email updates (usually Tuesday mornings), which includes a link to an ordering form that lists everything Runamuk has available that week.
Step 3: Place your order before the deadline (Thursday @ 5am).
Step 4: Retrieve your order via pickup OR delivery!

What do you grow?

Runamuk Acres is a diversified farm. We grow, raise, make, or bake: a full spectrum of veggies, herbs, and flowers, fresh eggs, raw honey, pastured lamb, handmade breads, and a variety of delectable baked goods. We also cultivate wildlife conservation on a local level.

What comes in a share? How much food is that?

A share is whatever you make of it. We sell all of our products directly from our farmstand, priced by the item or by the pound, depending. Effectively, our CSA members are pre-paying for their vegetables and baked goods. Pre-paying to gain the advantage of first-dibs on whatever this small, local farm is able to produce over the course of the year. YOU choose what you will spend those funds on, how much, and when.

Do I get to choose what we want?

Absolutely!!! We want our CSA members to actually use and eat the produce we are sending their way! That’s why, every week, we assemble a list of offerings and allow our members to choose only those foods they want, none of the ones they don’t. Whenever possible, we offer multiple size options, giving members the option to select whatever quantity will work best for their household.

What if we go away on vacation?

Don’t worry! Your CSA funds are good all year! Simply skip ordering while you are away, and resume when you return.

We’re only in the area during the summer/winter; can we save our credit?

Most definitely! Runamuk’s CSA program is wonderfully flexible. While our list of offerings varies greatly from one season to the next, CSA members can draw from their pre-paid balance any time of the year.

Do we have to order every week?

Yes and no. Some members prefer to save their CSA funds for buying veggies in bulk for home processing, or for stocking up during the fall harvest, and we love that! Yet, while we have no specific rules regarding the frequency of member orders, we do prefer our CSA members to order with us on a regular basis. As a four-season farm, we want to be your farmers all year. This program best serves the farm when members are buying our products, cycling through their funds, adding more money to their account when needed, and buying our farm-fresh foods all year long.

What day do you deliver? Where?

Runamuk offers door-to-door delivery every other Friday to the communities of: New Portland, Kingfield, Carrabassett Valley, Sugarloaf, Embden, North Anson, Anson, Madison, and Solon. There is a $3 delivery fee, but members can qualify for FREE delivery when they order $20 or more. OR when they join forces with another CSA member to create a shared drop-off site.

Can I pick my share up at the farm?

Yes, absolutely! CSA members are welcome to stop by the farm to pick their orders up for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Orders are ready by noon on Fridays, and members have until the end of the day on Sunday to retrieve them.

What if I can’t pick up my share on the designated day?

Contact us! We offer a wide window for order pickup, but if you can’t make it before Monday morning, we encourage you to reach out to us to make a plan. If we don’t hear from you, your food is redistributed, and you will still be charged for the order.

Can we buy in bulk for home-processing?

Depending upon what we have for a harvest─most definitely! We want to facilitate home-cooking within our local community. If we are able to supply a family with tomatoes for sauce, cucumbers for pickles, or basically anything you might want to stock up on, or process for later, we want to help make that goal a reality.

Do you guarantee quantities?

No, I’m afraid not. Due to the nature of farming, with so many variables outside our control, we never make promises on product quantities. What we do offer, is first dibs to CSA members on whatever we are able to produce.

Can I visit the farm with my kids/grandkids/nieces/nephews/homeschool group/class field trip?

farmstay at Runamuk
Local homeschoolers love to visit during lambing season!

Yes please! We love sharing our farm with visitors─especially the little ones! Our sheep are super friendly, and oh-so-sweet. With a 1-mile nature trail through our conservation woods, a swingset, and picnic tables, Runamuk Acres is a great place to learn about nature and farming, enjoy the great outdoors, and maybe even a family picnic!

May I use my CSA funds on the farmstand?

Yes, you may! CSA funds are good for pre-orders, as well as for shopping on our farmstand. Customers who shop at the farmstand are responsible for weighing necessary products, documenting their purchases on a slip, and then simply leave that slip in our cashbox. We will deduct the total of the purchase from your pre-paid balance.

How do I join?

It’s easy! To become a member of Runamuk’s CSA farm-share program, simply make your first payment with us to establish your account. You can do that by stopping by the farm with cash or check, or use the paypal button on the CSA Farm-Shares page of our website to send money electronically. Once you’ve made that initial payment, you will receive a welcome email from the farm, and your email address will be added to our CSA mailing list. You’ll be able to start placing orders for local food the very next week!

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