Farm focus

Farm focus

I have been hard at work on Runamuk’s business plan this last week.  My attention is focused almost solely on next year’s big move.  Even when I am busy with other tasks, at the back of my mind there is the farm.  We have to move next year.

What’s more is I’ve decided that we can’t possibly live anywhere but on the old Burns property outside of town.  The place from whence we came.  My heart has lingered there these past five years.  Leaving left a wound upon my soul and living in town has been a torment.

No matter the hassle, I have decided will will return there.  All my dreams of farming first began there–revolving around returning the place to is former glory–and raising my family there.  And I will see that dream come true.

I’ve decided to approach the Farm Service Agency (FSA) to see what help they can offer a beginning farmer.  From my research I have determined that there are a number of programs for new and women farmers, and a farm-loan program too.  Though congress has not passed a new farm bill, I had planned to wait until the spring to apply for a loan anyway, hopefully by the time I am ready there will be funding for the programs I wish to participate in.  Approaching the FSA now gives me plenty of time to find out what assistance there is to be had, and time to get everything in order, before making my move for a loan.

I am giddy at the thought of being back at home in the forest I adore so much.  All of the hard times we endured living there, raising babies in the woods without plumbing, with a 100-yard driveway of calf-deep mud every spring and sometimes in the fall, pulling water up out of the old stone well in a 5-gallon bucket attached to a stout rope–all seem like precious times now.  Treasured memories.  Difficulties that gave me the strength to become the person I have become today.

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