Runamuk Acres Conservation Farm

Farm Policies


  • We work hard in our short growing season.  We expect a full working week every week, and it’s physical work.  You need to be fit and physically able, as well as very organised and proactive.  We typically work through the weekends here; as a rule apprentices will have Mondays and Tuesdays off, although there will always be animal duties and basic chores to manage.
  • This is a family farm, and as such all apprentices must be prepared to be positive role models for the children who live here. There will sometimes be children involved in our farm-projects─especially during summer vacation. We have an autistic teenager whose special needs must occasionally come before the farm, and apprentices may sometimes be left to work independently while family-matters are sorted out. Apprentices are encouraged to join the family for meals and special events; we strive to create a wholesome and positive atmosphere for the development of all creatures here at Runamuk!
  • We are a meat-producing farm. While Runamuk does not sell meat products commercially, we do raise chicken, and soon lamb too, for household use. If you are not comfortable with this, our farm is not the place for you. Involvement in the slaughtering and processing of livestock is encouraged as an opportunity for learning these valuable skills, but not mandatory.
  • We serve real food largely produced by local farmers that we have personal relationships with, including farm vegetables, pastured meats, dairy, etc. We strive to offer a very balanced and well-rounded farmhouse diet. Meat-free options can usually be offered alongside meat dishes, but other needs cannot be catered for. If you are gluten-free/vegan/lactose-free/paleo or particular please budget for purchasing your own supplies as needed. A shared fridge is available for your use.
  • Room and board are provided and you have access to high speed internet.  Rooms are either simple single rooms and shared loft accommodation which we allocate accordingly.
  • We are a professional learning site and working farm.  You are expected to present yourself in a professional manner consistently for the benefit of all.  We are looking to support people who want to go into farming and designing for themselves and will make the most of learning by doing.
  • People that get the most from their time with us tend to have the “get it done” attitude, are self-starting, communicative, teachable, positive solutions focused, dependable and take-responsibility for what they are managing.  We are looking for very pragmatic folks that are good with their hands and tools, who are situationally aware and ready to get their hands dirty wherever needed on the farm.  This is not a place for sitting around discussing ideas and concepts.
  • You will get out of it what you put into the time and work here.  We have high expectations, and in return we are offering a hands on immersion experience that you can’t find many places on Earth. All roles require continual effort and sweat. We live in close quarters with each other, you need to able to get along with others.
  • You will be sore at times and get tired. Long light hours in the summer mean we sometimes work late. Farm work is hard graft. But we love it. You’ll eat the best quality food in your life, meet some incredibly awesome folk and learn how to go off and start for yourself, hopefully saving you years…


We expect everyone to be focused and diligent; we work very hard throughout the short production season.  Morning chores begin at 8am and we end the day anywhere between 4 and 6pm for dinner, depending on the workload and task completion.  Lunch break is 12-1pm, and there is a morning break, and an afternoon break. Expect to work to benchmarks; we want to support people to push themselves to really know what they can achieve and become more efficient at task management.  Farming has always been hard work and we see that working efficiently and diligently is key for those going on to start their own successful enterprises.  We are hoping to schedule work rotations of farm chores together so that we can all take some actual weekends as down time.  We will set this structure up upon gathering at the farm.


  • Please be aware that our “weekends” at Runamuk typically fall on a Monday and Tuesday.
  • We aim to do rotations of “weekend” chores so everyone has “weekends” off each month, but this will only be organised once everyone is at the farm.  Your “weekends” ‘on’ will involve working independently or with others to conduct all farm chores and prepare simple meals for the “weekend”.
  • Leave during the season is limited, however if you have planned events we will do our best to accommodate. This can only be arranged though, once you arrive at the farm in coordination with the whole team to schedule events throughout the season.
  • Once the work-day is finished and all chores are completed for the day, your time is your own. If you have your own means of transportation, by all means go out into the community for friends, fun and adventure. We simply ask that you be prepared to show up for your next shift on-time and ready for the day’s work ahead.

  • Visitors are welcome during the weekend, and can only arrive Friday after 3pm and leave before Monday 9am, no exceptions.
  • Visitors will either live in your room or bring all they need for camping.
  • All visiting times need to be OK’d with the team at least 2 weeks in advance, please don’t plan any arrangements before arriving at the farm.
  • No visits are allowed during workshops.
  • You are responsible for ensuring your guests understand the Ground Rules (below).

It does not happen often, but occasionally the farm goes into crisis mode. This happens sometimes when Friday night rolls around, if the work is not done and Runamuk needs to be ready for market the following morning. Or it can happen when crops need to be seeded before an impending rain. In these instances, we may ask you to stay late to help finish the work.

  • There is no farm vehicle available for personal use.
  • We will assume responsibility to pick people up and drop them off when they arrive/ leave at each end of the season and for their scheduled holiday.
  • We encourage apprentices to bring their own means of transportation.
Runamuk Acres Conservation Farm