CSA Farm Shares

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What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, is a relationship between community members and our small farm. Members commit to a whole season, allowing the farmer to offset early season costs such as seeds, amendments, etc. In exchange members receive an abundance and variety of nutritious vegetables over the course of the growing season,
along with certain member-perks.

Runamuk’s CSA Farm Shares serve as a pre-paid account that you can draw on throughout the season. This is a flexible and convenient option that allows you to shop for what you need when you need it. Use your credit at any of Runamuk’s retail locations, including: the farm stand, the Kingfield Farmers’ Market, or Runamuk’s Farm Delivery Program.

Member Perks

Early-Bird Sale!
If you know you’re going to be shopping with Runamuk anyway, earn yourself some “Bonus Bucks” when you pre-pay for the season in advance during our Early-Bird Sale! Sign up in January or February to earn 20% extra in farm-credit. For example, pre-paying $100 will give you a $120 credit with the farm, or pre-pay $300 to gain a $360 credit with Runamuk. This credit can be spent on any of our products, at any of our retail venues, and has no expiration date. By taking advantage of Runamuk’s Early-Bird Sale you’re helping this local farm to make early-season investments in seeds and supplies for the upcoming season, playing a direct role in supporting local agriculture.

Dibbs on Produce & Eggs
Members need only shoot their farmer a text to reserve their favorite delectables for the week. Love snap peas? No problem, we’ll put your name on a bag! Want to make sure you get your fresh eggs? Let your farmer know and Samantha will make sure to have them when you stop by. Want some of Runamuk’s gorgeous multi-colored carrots? Just ask!

Special Requests Considered
Is there something in particular you’ve been hankering for? Something special you’d like to see available at the Kingfield Farmers’ Market? Or something Grandma used to make that you’d like to request through Runamuk’s Farm Delivery Program? For members, all requests are given due consideration and if possible, your friendly neighborhood farmer will make it happen for you.

A close connection to the farmer producing your food
By supporting the Runamuk Acres Conservation Farm you are fostering your own close connection to the farmer who is producing your food. Through this relationship you’ll learn more about how best to cook your foods, meal ideas, tips, tricks and more. You’ll gain a new appreciation for food and have a better understanding of how your food is produced, including all of the trials and successes that went into getting it to you.

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