First livestock arrives at Runamuk

First livestock arrives at Runamuk

Thanks to the lingering winter-weather, we’re experiencing some frustrating delays in production.  New livestock shelters and gardens cannot be constructed until the snow has melted, and the mud has firmed up at least some.  However, despite the delay–I have managed to bring a few new critters to the farm.


livestock guardian dog
It’s taken a while for Willow to adjust, but she’s finally settling in here at Runamuk Acres–isn’t my girl so beautiful!?

I’m sure you all remember Willow–our great pyrenees/anatolian mix livestock guardian dog. She is 6 months old today, and is adjusting to farm-life fabulously.  Willow’s loving the vast amount of space we have here, and she loves the kids and the kitties.  She is my girl–I’ve never had a dog of my very own before, and I am in love–Willow is my new ‘BFF’–my “girlfriend”.

The first poultry

livestock at runamuk acres
This little guy or gal is giving me some attitude about having its picture taken!

Little more than 2 weeks ago, I took the boys with me to Tractor Supply and we picked out 25 birds–8 or 9 of each of their 3 varieties (Tetra mix, Golden Comet, and Red Sex-Link). We got them home, and local photographer Julie Persons who does “Chicks in Hats” had 6 more for us–including a barred rock, 2 Rhode Island Reds, and 3 Golden Comets.

new chicks at runamuk
Both boys love helping out with the chicks!
guinea fowl on the farm
Guinea fowl are so bizarre–the sounds they make sometimes remind me of the Velociraptor in Jurassic Park!


I have yet to get my hands on any currently-laying birds; I keep looking, but I haven’t found any within 25 miles of the farm, and I can’t feasibly take the truck much further than that–she’s a gas-guzzling beast! I’m still hunting, but in the meanwhile–these chicks are growing fast, and last week we brought 5 guinea fowl to the farm–4 males and 1 female–and set them up out in the old chicken coop.

Coming soon!

goats reclaiming the farm
This is just 1 of the 5 goats coming soon to Runamuk Acres–not only will these goats provide our family with fresh milk–they play a key role in the reclaiming of this farm!

My goat-farmin’ friend, Ed Wynn over at 5 Seasons Farm in Monteville, Maine is holding onto 5 goats for me, which will come to the farm as soon as we have adequate housing and fencing for them.  I’m hoping by mid-May we will be able to welcome the goats to Runamuk.

Same with the pigs–I can’t bring them here until we have shelter and fencing to protect the piglets–but the snow is melting rapidly now, so I’m hoping that by mid-May we will be able to go purchase a few pigs to work the pasture.  We’ve had 2 investors in our pork CSA-shares, so it is imperative that we get moving on that as soon as possible in order to provide a return on those folks’ investments into Runamuk and the farm-fresh food we’ve promised.

Stay tuned folks!  It’s going to be a busy summer!

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