Holiday Gift Baskets from Runamuk

Holiday Gift Baskets from Runamuk

Brighten someone’s day with a gift basket from Runamuk Acres! With raw honey, beeswax soaps and wildcrafted herbal salves, our baskets are unique and useful even beyond the holiday season. Healthful and practical, all natural and bee-friendly, just about anyone would be happy to be blessed with such a gift. It’s a great way to show someone you care.

I fully admit this is a shameless plug for Runamuk’s fine products lol. Afterall, I’ve worked hard to learn these skills, to develop my own methods and recipes. As a farmer and beekeeper I’m damned proud of Runamuk’s products. If you’re going to be buying gifts for family and friends anyway, definitely consider raw honey and beeswax products from Runamuk Acres, a bee-friendly farm and apiary in central Maine.

gift baskets availableIf you haven’t visited the Runamuk Farm-Store definitely stop by to see the listing of products currently available from our farm and apiary. We’ve recently updated the shopping cart so that it functions more efficiently, and the shipping charges are priced so as to make it more affordable for out-of-state customers.

Orders can be placed online for local pick-up too: pick up orders at the Madison Farmers’ Market, OR coordinate with us for delivery to another mutually-convenient time/location.

Runamuk’s Apiary Products

runamuk raw honey
The lighter honey on the left is the spring crop, and the darker honey on the right was harvested in the fall.

Raw Honey: We have raw honey available in pint-sized (1.4lbs) mason jars, with a choice between the spring and the fall honey. The spring honey is light-colored with a sweeter flavor, while the fall honey is darker in color due to the types of flowers the bees feed on at that time of the year. The fall honey also has a more robust flavor and it’s higher in antioxidants─a boon going into the winter cold and flu season.

Beeswax Soaps: Runamuk’s soaps are all made with a base recipe that includes plant-based oils and fats, as well as beeswax and honey. These are long-lasting bars that lather well even in hard water. We have a variety of mainstay soaps, along with seasonal-fragrances available while supplies last.

Wildcrafted Herbal Salves: These are lotions, skin creams, balms, or liniments made with beeswax from our own hives. The medicinal plants are either foraged from the surrounding landscape, or harvested from Runamuk’s gardens, then dried and infused for 8 weeks in olive oil before being combined with the beeswax and packaged into recyclable aluminum tins.

Beeswax Wood Polish: By combining raw linseed oil with our own beeswax we’ve created a product that is completely natural. Beeswax is a superb protectant for wood furniture, kitchen utensils, or even leather. Runamuk offers the wood polish either unscented or lemongrass-scented in 4oz tins; larger sizes available by request.

Gift Baskets

Small Basket: $25 

  • 1 pint (1.4lbs) raw honey: your choice of the spring or fall varieties
  • 3 bars of beeswax soap: mix-and-match
  • 1 tin (1oz) herbal salve: your choice of any herbal salve (includes lipbalm) OR 1 tin wood polish: unscented or lemongrass-scented

Large Basket: $50

  • 1 pint (1.4lbs) Raw Honey each of the spring and fall varieties
  • 6 bars of Beeswax Soap: mix-and-match
  • 1 tin (1oz) Herbal Salve: your choice of any herbal salve (includes lipbalm)
  • 1 tin (4oz) Herbal Salve: your choice of any herbal salve
  • 1 tin (4oz) Wood Polish : unscented or lemongrass-scented

How to Place an Order with Runamuk

Central Maine residents can find Runamuk’s beeswax soaps and herbal salves at North Star Orchards in Madison, and in Skowhegan at Ginny’s Natural Foods right on the rotary downtown.

To purchase directly from the farm we are available at the Madison Farmers’ Market right up until just before Christmas. We can take pre-orders in person, by email, phone, text, or even social media.

Or place your order online through our farm-store and we can ship it to the desired destination. We’re currently offering a $4 flat rate shipping charge on any order over $25, and FREE shipping on orders over $50.

Be present

I’d also like to take this opportunity to remind us all that the holidays are not about the gifts and the tinsel. It’s about taking the time to show the people in our lives that we care, and if you can do no more this year for those you hold dear than to show up and be present, then I encourage you to do so wholeheartedly. Be present. Be light and love for those around you and they will remember and thank you for it.

Happy Holidays to you and yours from all of us at Runamuk!

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