Jang Seeder Giveaway Winner!

Jang Seeder Giveaway Winner!

We have a winner in the giveaway for the Jang JP1 Clean Seeder from Johnny’s Selected Seeds!

jang seederA total of 333 people participated in the Jang Seeder Giveaway, but in the end only 1 could win. Daniel “Pierce” Epes of Water Valley, Mississippi was drawn randomly by Rafflecopter, and he responded promptly to my email to confirm. Pierce grows approximately a third to a half acre pf vegetables for himself and his neighbors. He told me that he’s looking to branch out to selling at a local farmers’ market, so this prize is going to be huge for his operation.

Peirce says:

This [Jang Seeder] will really help make better use of my seed and limited time, and make it easier to plant small seeds. I think this will help me to be more efficient and [grow] even more!!! Thank you to Runamuk Acres and Johnny’s Selected Seeds!

Wow. I am so grateful to have been able to help Pierce take the next step in his farming journey. I’m grateful to Johnny’s for being so willing to think outside the box in partnering with me to reach more home gardeners and beginning farmers, and to encourage more people to grow their own food.

Note: Check out Johnny’s Selected Seeds to see their selection of seeds and tools for the home gardener or commercial grower. If you participated in our giveaway, but were one of the unlucky─take a look at their listing for the Jang JP1 Clean Seeder and consider investing in one for your garden or farm!

I’m at Johnny’s today, so I will start the cogs turning to get Pierce’s Jang Seeder shipped to his door in Mississippi. I can’t wait for him to receive it; this tool is going to take him to the next level. It’s going to be amazing and I’m so happy for him!

Stay tuned for more updates from Runamuk coming soon!

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