Maine Maple Sunday!

Maine Maple Sunday!

Keith and I are taking the boys off to the local sugarhouse today in honor of the 30th annual Maine Maple Sunday. We’re excited to see one of Maine’s most traditional agricultural industries at work, to support local farmers, and to introduce the kids to the heritage they were born to.

maine maple sundayEvery 4th Sunday in March sugarhouses across the state open their doors to welcome the public.  This year there are more than 100 houses participating in the event.  Maine ranks 3rd in the nation, producing a total of 13% of the maple syrup in America.  And Somerset County produces more sap than any other county in the entire country.  I’m so proud!

As we prepare our property to move Runamuk to it’s new home, we’ve been having some selective cutting done–and you can imagine how happy we were to discover a nice stand of rock maples.  I’m sure there are more where that came from, and I’m looking forward to tapping our own trees next year, and making sap for the first time.

Until then, visiting Luce’s Sugarhouse here in Anson will have to hold me over.  More about the Luce’s later today!

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