Micro Eco-Farming

Micro Eco-Farming

Okay, so I wasn’t completely honest.  I want my own homestead, sure.  But I desperately want to break into what is quickly becoming a fast-growing industry.  Micro eco-farming.  Micro eco-farming is living and growing sustainably on local tracts of land–usually less than 5 acres.micro eco-farmingI just read Barbara Berst Adam’s book, and while I had known that is possible to eek out a living on those properties, Barbara gave me a much needed confidence boost.  You can read more about Micro eco-farming here.  Micro farmers utilize every space and every product to it’s fullest; nothing goes to waste.  They are diversified, and may have a completely different line of products from one season to the next.  Often these farmers market directly to the customer, and are community based.  Sometimes there are themes driving their farm, sometimes not.  But all of them work to produce products using sustainable methods on small amounts of land.This is precisely what I am gearing up for.  I feel like I am ahead of myself, having my farm’s name all picked out before I even have the property, yet no matter what happens–even if things fall through, we don’t move and instead stay right where we are for another year (heaven forbid!)–I know that I will be expanding my operation next year.

I am selling my first honey this year.  The feeling of pride that gives me is unparalleled.

I knew I wanted to keep bees to benefit my gardens.  I did my homework, got the bees last year, and spent the last two years mastering learning curves to get to this point.

And my jars of precious golden honey will bear the name of Runamuk Acres.

How sweet is that?

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