Micro-farming in Anson

Micro-farming in Anson

Runamuk is set up on a single acre right in-town in Anson.  Living in a rural location, close to our neighbors and with all the amenities of town-living, one might not expect to find a farm.  But that’s what makes Runamuk different from other farms in the area.

Micro-farming is farming at it’s best–but on less than four-acres.  And micro-farming is gaining popularity across the country.

With our single-acre, we have the advantage of starting up our business with minimal tools and expenses–we don’t need a tractor.  We can work our gardens with shovels, hoes, and hand-tools.  Sure it’s more labor-intensive, but it’s better for the soil too.

As a micro-farm we can grow heirloom crops that may be otherwise too delicate for transport by larger-scale farms.  The skins of heirloom tomatoes, for example, are thinner than their commercialized cousins, and cannot withstand the rough handling long distance shipping dictates.  Small farms eliminate shipping by selling local and direct to the customer.

One of the biggest benefits of micro-farming–in my humble opinion–is the ability to tune into the Earth’s rhythms and tap into her systems.

By aligning ourselves and our methods with the natural world around earthwormus we are more sensitive to the needs of our land, our gardens, and are able to notice when a tree is sickly, or a crop is in trouble.  By tapping into the Earth’s natural systems we allow Her to do more of the work for us–for example, promoting habitat for earthworms in our gardens gives us a richer, and lighter soil because the worms have come up from deep within the ground, bringing up nutrients that plant-roots aren’t able to reach, and they aerate the soil, leaving behind worm castings rich in vital minerals and nutrients.  This enriches the soil and strengthens the crops we grow.

Because we have less space to work with, it is important to make the best of it, which is one of the reasons why we utilize gardening methods that conserve space–like square-foot gardening, companion and succession planting, and vertical growing.  These practices, in turn, help us to grow strong crops and promote the natural ecology of our land and neighborhood.

We’re starting small this year, but you will be amazed what we can do with this small space!  Check back soon for up-dates!


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