New soap ingredients have arrived!

New soap ingredients have arrived!

From the sale of my first batch of soaps and salves and lip balms I managed to purchase more ingredients from a wholesale distributor I found online.  Essential Wholesale specializes in ingredients for soaps and cosmetics, they offer organic as well as mainstream products, and they arrived yesterday by UPS in the midst of the snow-storm.

thiberius with new soap ingredientsThis is one of our three cats–his name is Tiberius–yes, he is named after Star Trek’s Captain James Tiberius Kirk.  You’ll find a lot of science-fiction references around Runamuk.  Keith is a devout Star Trek fan, I’m more fond of the Star Wars trilogy, though I didn’t see it for the first time until I was in my twenties.  We enjoy a lot of fantasy too, Winter is particularly imaginative, which we actively encourage.

I bought certified organic ingredients: palm oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter, and kaolin clay (to make shaving soap, by request).  From Specialty Bottle I purchased more tins for salves.  Later in the spring I will also purchase from them my glass jars for the honey–no more mason jars for Runamuk–we’re moving up int he world!

This weekend I will spend my time making several batches of soap, some new salves and more lip-balms, which have been sold out at Simply Natural since the first week after they arrived on the shelves at their natural foods store.

I plan to have our online store ready by the time these soaps are ready to be sold, in about a month.  What a way to bring in the new year!

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