Open-hive event at Runamuk

Open-hive event at Runamuk

open hive event

We’ve got a beautiful location for this event, and new Queens arriving this week–so as long as the weather cooperates, beekeepers from around the area can participate in making splits at the Runamuk apiary. I also plan to demonstrate some of the various mite-testing methods since this is such a crucial aspect of beekeeping these days.

These open-hive events are a great way for new beekeepers to get some hands-on experience in the company of other beekeepers, and for beekeepers to come together in the camaraderie of a shared interest.

Those who are considering getting into beekeeping can explore the concept before making an investment. Even those who are just curious can come learn from local beekeepers what’s all involved in keeping bees and producing honey here in Maine. For that reason the Somerset Beekeepers offers this event free to the public.

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