Welcome to the Runamuk Conservation Farm!

bumble bee on yellow flowerRunamuk Acres is a certified bee-friendly farm and apiary located in central Maine. We produce raw honey, beeswax products and northern-raised honeybee stock, along with fresh eggs and vegetables. Our website offers online resources for sustainable living and bee-friendly beekeeping, gardening, landscaping and farming.

Our mission is to protect wildlife through the conservation of pollinators and their habitats, to provide an ecological and financial benefit to the entire ecosystem and the people that depend on it. Furthermore, Runamuk is dedicated to sharing the knowledge and teaching the skills we have learned─so that others might follow our example and lead more bee-friendly lifestyles too.

Check out the Runamuk Acres Farm Store to view our available products and great shipping rates! Or find us at the Madison Farmers’ Market every Saturday May through October.