Runamuk featured in Mother Earth News!

runamuk apiary

The apiary at Medicine Hill.

I’m so thrilled that the folks from Mother Earth News would consider Runamuk!

Last fall I responded to a call for submissions to Mother Earth News (MEN).  They were looking to do a story on home-based businesses and requested entrepreneurs to send them the story of how they got into business and why they chose the niche that they did.  So I wrote out the story of Runamuk and I sent it along in an email.

I didn’t hear a thing about it until just last week, and in fact I’d given up on the idea of having Runamuk featured in the prominent sustainable living magazine.  Then on Friday, out of the blue, I received an email from MEN informing me that while they wouldn’t be able to include us in the article for the published magazine, they would like to feature our story on their modern homesteading blog at their website.

I’m so elated!

You can check out the article on their blog-site by following this link.

About Samantha Burns

Sam(antha) Burns is a farmer and beekeeper at the Runamuk Acres Conservation Farm in Maine. She has spent more than 20 years gardening and writing, has kept bees for more than a decade, and worked 4 years in the Call Center at Johnny’s Selected Seeds. Sam uses methods of regenerative agriculture and bee-friendly farming on her 53-acre farm, and is a passionate advocate for wildlife conservation─especially pollinators. In her spare time she enjoys writing, and tormenting her 2 teenaged sons with her banjo-playing!

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