Turn Spoils into Soils

Participate in compost pickups and return food scraps

and other organic material to the soil to be reused. 


We provide the bucket, you collect your food scraps and notify us when your bucket is getting full. We do the rest! Members of our team will swing by to pick it up, leaving a clean, empty bucket in it’s place. Then, we’ll bring your food scraps back to our farm, where it is turned into compost. The compost is used to improve our farm’s soils so that we can grow more food to feed our community!


  • No more stinky, dripping trash.
  • Save money using fewer garbage bags.
  • Keep more waste out of global landfills.
  • Support local agriculture.
  • Support local communities.


Local Residential Households: Serving the communities of New Portland, Kingfield, Madison, Anson, Embden, and Solon. $10/mo or $110/annually.

Sugarloaf Area: Compost pick-up in Carrabassett Valley, Sugarloaf Mountain, and Stratton-Eustis. $30/mo or $330/annually.

CSA Members: Discounted rate for members of Runamuk’s CSA program. Ask us how you can become a member!

Sign Up Today!

Once we’ve received your initial payment, we will reach out to you with a welcome email and further instruction. Thank you for being part of something bigger!!!