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5 Reasons To Raise Chickens

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Chickens are often the first livestock to be added to a homestead and have been laughingly referred to as the gateway livestock. However the benefits of adding a flock of chickens to your backyard, homestead, or beginning farm, are no laughing matter. Chickens bring some serious good ju-ju with them and open the door to a number of opportunities for… Read more »

A farmer without a farm

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It’s probably the most difficult decision I’ve ever had to make: stay in an unsatisfying marriage in order to follow my dream of farming and pollinator conservation–or walk away from it all and start over in pursuit of real happiness. After the struggle to move Runamuk to the old Burns farm and all of the support that has been shown me… Read more »

Homeschooling Adventures

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On Friday I loaded my boys into the Runamuk-truck and we ventured over to New Sharon for some goat manure.  Two older women manage the 80-something goats and their farm, and for $10 will use their tractor to load your truck with manure. The boys had a blast petting the goats while we waited–the tractor needed a boost to get… Read more »