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Longing for home…

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forested path

We lived there once before…did I ever mention that? The site of the Runamuk farm of tomorrow.  My blog was known then as The Scientific Homeschool, and I was raising babies in the woods without plumbing.  I put together the “Chronological History of the World Unit-Studies for Secular Homeschoolers” (yeah-say that 3 times fast!) –so important was it to me… Read more »

And the work begins

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Throughout the month of April, Keith has taken Mondays off from his off-farm job in order to be able to disassemble the old farm house. Typically he has Sundays and Tuesdays off, but by taking Monday off Keith has three days off each week. He aims to get the old house down and sorted with one hundred hours of labor,… Read more »

The start of a new era

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Things are moving forward at the future site of the Runamuk Acres diversified farm, in preparation for our new beginnings.  After much deliberation and–at times–heated debate–Keith and I hired a team of local loggers to do some careful thinning of this un-kempt forest in preparation of our upcoming endeavors.

A long road

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I went out to “Ye Olde Burns Farm” on Sunday to get these photos to share with you.  Even after five years in-town, it still feels like going home when I drive out there.  The drive up the hillside always fills me with anticipation, all the trees seem to be reaching out their limbs to embrace me and the breeze… Read more »