The arrival of the new homestead at Runamuk

The arrival of the new homestead at Runamuk

On Wednesday the new mobile home was brought in to Runamuk.

new trailer goes up the drivewayHere she is sitting in the driveway while the Ames crew does some last minute site-prep.

other side of the trailerThis is what the mobile home company designed to be the back of the home, but I decided it will be the front of our home–mainly because it has a kitchen window that I want to face south.

moving the trailer into placeAnd here they go–up the driveway with it.

Because there was a day of rain after they’d smoothed the rutts in the driveway, the soil was soft and the crew wound up using the bulldozer to pull the truck and trailer up the hill.  Then–because I want things the way I want them regardless–they used the bulldozer to settle the trailer in place–backwards.  😉

moving the trailer into place And here she is–sitting in place in the same location as the ratty old trailer we previously dismantled.


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