The Maine Atlas

The Maine Atlas

maine atlasSomehow I lost my Maine Atlas, which is a key tool to roaming the state, so I had to go track down a new one.

Wal-Mart didn’t seem to have one.  Campbell’s True Value didn’t have one.  Eventually I managed to find one at Irving’s, though I was informed that once those in stock are gone they will no longer be carrying the map-book.

For anyone who enjoys traveling and exploring, a state atlas is a stupendous tool.  Not only is it a detailed map-book, it also lists recreation areas, locations for family outings, campgrounds, unique natural features, locations for outdoor adventures, and a list of lakes and rivers for fishing and what might be caught there.

The gazetteer cost me $19.95 plus tax, which is a fair chunk of money to me, as pitifully poor as I am, but a worthy sacrifice.

Wherever I go, my Maine Atlas goes with me.

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