Unschooling at the Runamuk Homestead

Unschooling at the Runamuk Homestead

hard at workOur youngest son “Summer” is never more content than when he his hard at work fixing something, and while the Runamuk truck is down for maintenance, Keith thought it the perfect time to include Summer in the repairs.  This is the rear axle that they are tinkering on.

This is what learning looks like here at the Runamuk homestead, because I don’t believe in force-feeding my children knowledge that may prove useless to them later in life.  It’s called Unschooling, and it’s a growing movement in America.  I’m not going to explain the details of Unschooling here, if you’re curious to learn more you can explore more of my posts about homeschooling, or perform a Google search for Unschooling if you are so inclined.  Suffice it to say that Unschooling is learning from life and the world around you.

Keith and I try to offer the children opportunities for learning that revolve around things we know they enjoy.  For “Winter”, our eldest son, it’s anything to do with animals and nature.  For Summer, it’s helping Mom or Dad with chores or tinkering and fixing things.  Winter likes to read extensively.  Summer likes to play games–he’d give even the most seasoned adult a run for their money at checkers.  😉

The Burns boys are intelligent, strong-willed, and able-bodied.  I can only guess at the doors that farm-life is going to open for them, but I know whatever passions they pursue they will do it because they want to, because it makes them happy.  And isn’t that the true measure of a life?  Happiness and love?


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