Welcome Willow!

Welcome Willow!

This week we added the first of many new animals to our growing farm–Willow the livestock guardian dog!

willow the livestock guardianWillow is a great pyrenees/anatolian shepherd cross.

willow runamuk's new dogThe Great Pyrenees breed–or the Pyrenean Mountain Dog is an old breed that has been used by shepherds for hundreds of years.  Developed in southern France and northern Spain where the steep mountain slopes required agility, the pyrenees is naturally nocturnal and aggressive with predators who might harm its flock.  Typically the breed is confident, gentle and affectionate–particularly with kids–and patient.

The Anatolian, on the other hand, originated in Turkey, also as a livestock guardian dog.  They are a large, rugged breed, that is very independent and loyal.

At 5 months old Willow is already the size of a golden retriever or a lab, she is super sweet and eager to please, loving and affectionate, and gentle with the two Burns brothers.  Willow and Ava (our rescue dog–a jack russle/beagle mix we brought home from the animal shelter 2 years ago) are becoming fast friends, and she likes the kitties too (we have 3).  Though we don’t make it a point of indulging the habit–he has a thing for chips that is rather endearing.  It doesn’t seem to matter the type–tortilla, ruffles, etc. though I was told by her former owner that Willow particularly likes Doritos, lol.  I think it’s the crispy crunch that she enjoys most. 😉

We are thrilled to have her here with us.  I know she is going to be a good addition to the family–and the farm.

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