Why Runamuk Acres?

Why Runamuk Acres?

I’ve had a number of people ask me about my choice in name for our farm-business.

It always makes me laugh at myself to have to explain the reasons behind the Runamuk logo.  First, there are my kids.  Some people would say “They can’t be that bad!”  And they’re right–my boys are not bad at all.  But they are high-spirited children who have never had to conform to the standards society imposes upon us through institutionalized schooling. Because we have chosen to homeschool our children, they have developed into these amazing free-spirits, and I love that about them.

The Burns children are inquisitive, imaginative, and outspoken.

They are also boys of Scottish decent, so they fight routinely and I often feel like an under-paid referee–but that’s a whole other topic.

“Winter”, our eldest at nine, could probably teach even the most well-versed of peoples a thing or two about animals and wildlife.  He’s also adept with the computer (show me a kids who isn’t these days!); sure he plays games online, but more often than not he’s looking up something online in order to learn more about it.  Seriously!  He knows his way around the Wikipedia better than anyone I know!

At five, “Summer” is a very active (some would say hyper), and very talkative little boy.  He’s our good helper, always interested in helping and learning more about what Mommy and Daddy are doing.  He’s good with his hands, and good with numbers–and very good at pushing everyone’s buttons (know someone like that?).

So that’s the “Runamuk” part, but what about “Acres”.  Someone recently pointed out to me that we only have one acre here, so how could we call ourselves Runamuk “Acres”–plural?

I hadn’t thought about that before, but in my mind I guess it was a given–I don’t plan to be here–on this one acre parcel in-town Anson, Maine for forever.  We don’t own it, and we want above all else to own our own home.  We’re working toward moving Runamuk to it’s permanent home, not far from where we are now, sometime in the next year or two.  Somewhere with a little more acreage, where we can spread out and really make things happen.  Then our farm’s name will make more sense.

I’ve got big plans for Runamuk.  From pasture-ranged rabbits for meat to raw honey, and even a pollinator meadow where folks can picnic and view nature at her best.  Our CSA is only the beginning.

Follow along with us, and watch us grow!

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