#WinterGrowingChallenge #4: Wrapping It Up

#WinterGrowingChallenge #4: Wrapping It Up

We’ve reached the end of my #WinterGrowingChallenge for the 2017-2018 winter season and I already know I’m going to do it again next year. I’m determined to provide as much of my own food for my family as I can, and growing shoots and sprouts in a kitchen window is an easy and inexpensive way to continue eating fresh greens through the long winters we have here in Maine. It just makes good sense!

yummy pea shoots
Some of my pea shoots sitting in the window.

Growing my own shoots and sprouts this winter was definitely rewarding; I love the flavor and freshness I get when I produce my own greens. Yet, I admit the project was not without a little difficulty─mainly related to space and living conditions at my present location.

I don’t want people to think that space is a limiting factor, because I truly believe that our own passion and determination dictate the success we will have in life─but I’ve struggled with my living situation for a number of personal reasons that I will not go into for consideration of all parties involved. Suffice it to say that I’ve been feeling rather claustrophobic this winter and it has been difficult to make use of the space here.

The project really fell apart for me in early February, when I made that trip to Portland to spend a weekend at Maine General with my son. That was followed by the bitter conclusion of the SBF saga and the abrupt turnabout of my pursuit of an entirely different property. Both of my boys celebrate birthdays in February too─and I’ve picked up more hours at Johnny’s as we slough through our busiest time of year in the Call Center. So, in part, life just got in the way during the month of February.

lil shoot salad
Some of my simplest salads consisted only of fresh shoots!

However, I did produce greens December through January, ate some very fine, super-fresh salads, supplemented my diet─and I even inspired a few readers to do it too. I’d say that overall the #WinterGrowingChallenge was a success.

Next winter I fully intend to host another #WinterGrowingChallenge here at Runamuk. We’ll be all moved into our new forever-farm by then and I can get the kids involved too.

I believe that everyone should have some understanding of how food is produced. And I believe that those who have the space and ability to grow even a portion of their own food should do so. But I especially want my own children to know how to grow their own food. I want them to have that connection to nature and the world around us that so many people are seemingly oblivious to. Some day this world will be their responsibility and I hope that I will have imparted some of my own values upon them, so that they will want to carry on my work in some form or fashion. Then I will know that I will have completed my life’s mission─and then I will be able to step aside and retire………..

Just kidding! I’m never going to stop advocating for wildlife conservation! The kids will just have to learn to work with me!

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