At long last, Runamuk is ready to offer our Maine-raised bees to local beekeepers!

Runamuk’s honeybee stock is a mix of Carnolian and Russian genetics that we’ve found to perform well here in Maine’s exacting climate. These bees overwinter in a smaller cluster and are a little slow to build up in the spring, but that often works in their favor here in Maine. By late-May and early June, they’ll grow into some booming and productive hives that are hardy and vigorous when managed with mindfulness and dedication.

maine nucleus colonies

Nucleus colonies at Runamuk Acres.

Overwintered-Nucleus Colony – $175

5 frames of Runamuk’s Maine-raised bees, including an overwintered Queen, brood in all stages, worker bees, and enough honey and pollen stores to sustain the colony during the transition. These colonies have proven themselves by surviving the winter here in Maine and are ready to upgrade into a full-size hive at your apiary. Available late May.
***Limited supply.***

$50 non-refundable deposit to hold your nuc; remaining $125 due upon pick up.

Sorry! Our available Overwintered Nucs have been sold out!
Please email us to get your name on the list for next year.

Overwintered Nuc – Deposit $50

Un-tested Spring Nuc – $100

These are 5 frames of our Maine-raised bees like those listed above, however these Queens have not been overwintered, and as such we consider them “un-tested colonies”. Hives at Runamuk haven’t proven themselves until they’ve survived a Maine winter. Available early June.
***Limited supply.***

$50 non-refundable deposit to hold your nuc; remaining $50 due upon pick up.

Un-tested Nuc – Deposit $50

Mated Queens – $30

We’ve learned how to produce our own mated-Queens from Runamuk’s Maine-raised honeybee stock! Install these ready-to-go Queens in your established hives, or use them to establish new hives of your own! ***Limited supply.***

Contact us using the form below to get on the list.

Un-mated Queens – $20

Virgin Queens – Replace failing Queens, install her into your Queenless hive, or put together your own nucs and grow your backyard apiary.
***Limited supply.***

Please use the contact form below to reserve yours today.

Note: We want beekeepers to succeed with their colonies, and are happy to mentor and educate, but due to the nature of beekeeping we are unable to offer refunds on bee-purchases. All sales are final.