Farm-site progress report

burns roadIt’s long process when you’re building your farm from the ground up. I knew this when we chose this route–we could have bought an established homestead with less hassle that would have given us a jump on our farming ambitions. But with land in the family that we are historically tied to, leaving Burns Road just was not an option.  So we’ve been working to finalize the blueprints for the house, gathering all of the necessary estimates and permits, and yesterday Keith and I went back to the bank to meet with the representative there. Read more

1st beehive moved to the new farm-site!

"summer" helps carry beekeeping equipmentIt was a family affair yesterday morning as we moved the first of our hives to what will soon be the new home of the Runamuk farm.  Currently we have a total of 6 hives.  4 reside at Medicine Hill, an organic farm in Starks–just 6 miles away, and 2 have been happily situated in our backyard here at the “micro-farm” in town.  Read more

The start of a new era

old farmhouse demolitionThings are moving forward at the future site of the Runamuk Acres diversified farm, in preparation for our new beginnings.  After much deliberation and–at times–heated debate–Keith and I hired a team of local loggers to do some careful thinning of this un-kempt forest in preparation of our upcoming endeavors. Read more

Boundary marking ritual

keith and samantha burnsThe day came at last when Keith and I could go out to the old Burns farm to mark out our 50 acres and we were bubbling with enthusiasm and excitement.  We’ve been together since our senior year of high school, some fifteen years–married for nearly thirteen of them–and building this old farm up to its former glory has always been a dream that we shared.  The work is only just beginning, but thanks to Runamuk we’re optimistic that we will see that dream come true. Read more

A long road

I went out to “Ye Olde Burns Farm” on Sunday to get these photos to share with you.  Even after five years in-town, it still feels like going home when I drive out there.  The drive up the hillside always fills me with anticipation, all the trees seem to be reaching out their limbs to embrace me and the breeze coming down off the top of the hill to caress my face, to thread itself through my hair.  “We’ve missed you,” they say to me.burns road

That’s right–our name is on the road-sign! Read more