Monday’s Musings: On appreciating nature


Monday’s Musings is a new weekly theme I’m working to establish here on the blog (along with Sustainable Saturday–so be looking for that). I have a hard time posting regularly, mainly due to the fact that my life is generally hectic and sometimes unpredictable, what with garden, apiary, household up-keep, child-rearing and homeschooling to tend to–along with my responsibilities as president to the Somerset Beekeepers and to the cooperative extension as a master gardener.  But I try to take it all in stride–it’s well known that farmers wear many hats, it comes with the job.

I’m a big advocate for practicing peaceful coexistence with the animals and plants around us.  I hear it all the time–so-and-so doesn’t like bees because they sting, or Joe-Shmoe hates wasps because they’re mean, Silly-Sally loathes snakes and would rather kill the creature than to go to the trouble of removing said snake from her presence.

However, it’s important to remember that every creature serves a purpose in it’s ecosystem and is a necessary ingredient for a healthy habitat.  Every animal, no matter how large or small, no matter how impressive or disgusting, is unique and fascinating in it’s own way.  Each creature on this planet deserves our respect at the very least. Read more