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Luce’s saphouse preserves Maine’s heritage

Every year many of the locals from this area venture out to Pease Hill here in Anson to visit Luce’s Saphouse.  This year, the 30th annual Maine Maple Sunday was no different.

Gearing up for the celebration of the Winter Solstice at Runamuk

As it is for many families, the holiday season is a fun time here at Runamuk.  While we don’t celebrate Christmas (check out this post here for more info on that!) we still do many of the same holiday traditions that most families enjoy at this time of the year. We’ve been busy attending the local holiday parade to see… Read more »

Going secular for the holidays

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winter solstice

With Halloween upon us and Thanksgiving on the horizon, I find myself looking ahead to the winter holiday season with much excitement. I’m like this every year, but seemingly more-so this year. This will be our second year observing the Winter Solstice rather than the traditional Christmas. Now that we’ve broken away from the ill-fit of the old tradition, I… Read more »