A successful season

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Oh sweet writing–how I’ve missed thee!

With the onslaught of late-spring and summer, I have not had time for writing–not to mention sitting. When I decided to pursue the CSA I had no idea how much I would miss writing. I’ve always felt that I express myself best through writing, though my linguistic skills have improved. With all of the socializing and public speaking I’ve taken on over the last two years, I’d just about have to improve.

Overall the first year of the Runamuk CSA was successful. It was a trying year, to be sure; weather conditions were not cooperative with gardeners.  There was more work that a full-time mom could keep up with–at least not this mom.  Maybe it would have been easier if I had daycare, or farm-help, or children who are not always trying to rip each other limb from limb (if you think I’m kidding feel free to stop by….).  As it was I spent the better part of the summer on the run.

At least I wasn’t the only one who had a difficult time with their crops this year.  Backyard gardeners across central Maine struggled with the early season heat, followed by late spring and early summer rains, followed by cooler temperatures in August.

NOT an ideal growing season.

But the CSA was a success.  I managed to provide vegetables for my share-holders every week, as promised.  I earned an income, which I need in order to be able to apply for a loan so that we can buy our own home, and so that Runamuk can proceed.  The CSA opened the door for me, and I have stepped through it for better or worse.


About Samantha Burns

Sam(antha) Burns is a farmer and beekeeper at the Runamuk Acres Conservation Farm in Maine. She has spent more than 20 years gardening and writing, has kept bees for more than a decade, and worked 4 years in the Call Center at Johnny’s Selected Seeds. Sam uses methods of regenerative agriculture and bee-friendly farming on her 53-acre farm, and is a passionate advocate for wildlife conservation─especially pollinators. In her spare time she enjoys writing, and tormenting her 2 teenaged sons with her banjo-playing!

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