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Do you have a great product or service you’d like to share with the green and sustainable lifestyle community?

Runamuk is offering you the chance to partner with us to do just that.

The Runamuk Acres blog has a growing population of readers and followers who are passionate about the sustainable lifestyle–from homesteading, gardening and farming, to organic and local foods, environmental education and good stewardship, nature and wildlife conservation–and don’t forget beekeeping!  Thanks to our farm’s expanding presence in our local community, and our continuously growing blog-site, we have an ever-growing following both locally as well as online.  Our readers are the sort who are devoted to supporting small businesses, and prefer green and natural products, rather than the inferior products made overseas that are available at the big chain stores.  Our followers are looking for quality products and services from companies that they can feel good about supporting.

That’s where you come in.

Small business owners like you are looking to make an impression with a small budget, and we can help you reach your ideal customer by sharing your product with those who share your enthusiasm for a green and sustainable life.  You’re looking for devoted, long term patrons who will come to you again and again–and we can help!

When you choose to sponsor Runamuk, we’ll feature your business on our blog, introducing you and your product or service to our readers–helping you to grow your customer base.  Placing a sidebar ad on our site increases your reach by highlighting your product, and we can amplify your reach even further.

Runamuk offers:

  • Monthly “spotlight” service–at the start of each month we put our sponsors in the spotlight, with a brief description of your company and a link to your website or store.
  • Giveaway opportunities–giveaway are a great way to promote your product–if you desire, Runamuk offers to host a giveaway of a product of your choice.  We also offer the chance for an interview for readers to learn more about you and your business, which can accompany your giveaway.
  • Runamuk will promote your business via our social network once a month–including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

By partnering with Runamuk we can help each other grow our businesses.  Your sponsorship offers us a chance to continue our work here at the Runamuk Acres Farm & Apiary.  The funds generated through this site go directly to our farm; with support from people like you, and with the support of our customers, we can continue to produce local foods and great green products.  In addition to our farming work, Runamuk is a strong advocate for wildlife conservation and especially for conservation of native pollinators–the support we earn online and locally is crucial to our efforts and success.

If you’re ready to learn more, or to discuss pricing please contact Samantha Burns at:


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