The Runamuk Acres Conservation Farm now offers weekly deliveries to locals!

Residents of the Madison-Anson/Skowhegan or New Portland/Kingfield areas
can receive Runamuk’s farm-fresh foods and products delivered directly to their home.
Buying local food doesn’t get much easier than that!

Delivery Routes:

Madison-Anson/Skowhegan Route – Tuesdays; before noon.
New Portland/Kingfield Route – Thursdays; midday.

How It Works:

Step 1: Local patrons along either of our delivery routes review the list of available products from Runamuk Acres. This list will vary from one week to the next, and available farm-products will vary greatly from the summer to winter. You will always find a current listing posted on this page, on our Facebook fanpage, or contact the farm to request a copy. With every delivery, customers will receive a paper copy of the availability list for the following week.

Step 2: Place orders at least 24-48 hours in advance via direct message through our Facebook fanpage, email or telephone. Provide a physical address, along with a description of the drop-off spot if no one will be at home during delivery hours.

Please note: Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee availability for late orders. You can certainly ask;  sometimes we are able to accommodate those requests, but not always.

Step 3: If you will not be home during delivery hours, place your payment in the drop-off spot. If you will be at home, wait with baited breath for your delivery.

Example: Some customers leave an envelope with cash or check taped to the door and a reusable shopping bag on the step. Others place their payment inside the grill on the porch.

What’s Available for the Week of: 01.13.2020

In an effort to make local foods accessible to more households, there is no sign up fee or up-front payment for the Farm Delivery Program. Customers can place orders as needed: on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Runamuk offers affordable pricing on our products and does not charge a delivery fee. We will, however, accept tips from those who can afford to do so to help cover the cost of gas for this service.

Contact Runamuk Acres today to start receiving deliveries from the farm this week!