firewoodstacked firewoodThe old house we have been living in for the last 5 years has been miserable to heat, so Keith and I wanted to make sure that we would be all set in the new house come next winter.  We had 20 cord split from the trees our logger selectively cut from our acreage, and when mud season hit and the equipment had to be pulled off the land another 7-10 cord was left behind in the field.

more firewoodThen there’s the pile which needs to be split.

even more firewoodThere was also this pile off logs infront of the old farmhouse.  Keith chunked that out yesterday and I stacked it so that we would have easier access to the house.

chunking firewoodstacked chunk firewoodWe’ll have enough to supply our own house and that of Keith’s parents for at least two years!  What a thing it is to be able to have that worry taken care of!

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