New chicks!

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new chicksA peeping, cheeping box addressed to Runamuk Acres came to the post office in Madison early Wednesday morning, and the postal worker called at quarter after six to let me know that my chicks had arrived. Twenty-six birds total: 7 silver laced wyandottes, 7 speckled sussex, 6 delawares, 5 barred rocks and 1 free exotic chick.

Despite having taking in a number of new birds over the last couple of months I still cannot meet the demand for eggs at market or within the community. I can’t tell you have often I’m asked, “Do you have any eggs?” and how frequently I have to turn customers away for lack of product.

I weighed my options, finances are tight, but if I didn’t get some fresh layers I’d be in worse shape next year. And thanks to a few workshop sales I had a few extra dollars, so I took a deep breath and placed the order with McMurray Hatchery (I’ve used them a few times and always had good results, and I like their selection too).

Since Willow’s accident I’ve been experiencing serious furry-four-legged-critter withdrawals. In the last year I’ve given up my sheep, goats, cats, and lost my dog…and though I still have honeybees and a variety of poultry, somehow they just don’t fill the void. Chicks may be poultry still, but they’re teeny and fluffy and I’ll take it! Lol.

Eagerly I dressed and drove the five miles into town, crossed the bridge over the Kennebec River, pulled in at the back of the post office and rang the buzzer. The box of cheeping chicks was handed over and I brought them home to place them in the prepared brooder space in the garage that is attached to the farmhouse. I wanted them close at hand while they’re small, for feeding and watering, health-checks, and just so that I could have easy access for cuddling little baby chicks.

With the exception of a 4-hour power outage Wednesday afternoon thanks to Hurricane Joaquin, which left the chicks without a heat lamp for the duration, everyone is looking great. All 26 chicks survived their ordeal through the US Postal system, and are eating, drinking and growing normally thus far.

Thank goodness for small fluffy chicks!

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